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Frequently Asked Questions

A. What is In-home care, and why is it more favorable than Assisted Living or Nursing Home?

In-home care means providing seniors with one-on-one care and companionship that they need to maintain their independence in the comfort of their own homes despite their limited mobility and functions.

Nothing is more comforting than being taken care of in familiar surroundings amongst your long-time neighbors and friends. Aside from assistance in their daily domestic activities, the caregiver may also assist with enhancing and restoring the simple pleasures of life, such as a walk in the park, spending time in the garden, and chatting with old-time friends. These elder care activities are proven to maximize abilities and independence, not to mention they remain one of the best treatments for depression and agitation, which are prevalent among the elderly.

A facility also has a similar function as taking care of your loved ones. The difference lies in the manner of providing care. Facilities or Nursing Homes, because of their size, cannot ensure personalized one-on-one care. Adherence to schedule is a must to ensure orderliness. The staff is limited, and you wait for your turn for proper care. What is very sad about being in a facility is losing your home with all its beautiful memories, including the presence of your friends and neighbors.

B. Why should I get the service of an Agency when I could get a direct-hire caregiver?

When you hire someone directly to take care of your loved one, you have to be aware of the responsibilities that go with it. Unlike an agency, they do not have professional liability, bond, or workman’s compensation insurance. That means that in the event of an accident, or if something goes missing, YOU, the homeowner is responsible. You are also liable to pay income taxes and social security for them. If the caregiver gets sick or has a family emergency, how are you going to get a reliable replacement? With an agency, they have backups or relievers to step in and make a smooth transition. So although you may think that you are saving some money, you could have some major problems in the long run when you choose to receive our services.

C. How much time is involved in getting a caregiver for a loved one?

We need a day to see the particular needs of the patient and another day to look for a caregiver that matches the patient’s needs. We require (at least) an hour to provide a caregiver for immediate emergency cases like hospital sitting.

D. How do we pay the bill?

After a week’s service, American Quality Care For The Elderly issues and sends an invoice to the patient or the designated patient representative. Payment is made to American Quality Care For The Elderly and not to the caregiver.

E. Is there a deposit needed for the service, and how much?

We do not require any deposit if you decide to avail of our services.