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The Role of Hygiene in Senior Health


Daily activities, for some reason, can become difficult as you get older. Memories could fade slowly, and physical movements could be harder than several years back, affecting seniors’ practice of personal hygiene, which is a priority in having a healthy lifestyle. And this is one of the reasons to consider senior care to maintain cleanliness.

The following are the crucial roles of hygiene in senior health:

  • Helps improve healthy living

Proper personal hygiene habits are an essential part of healthy living. With a caregiver in Southern, California assisting them, there will be an improvement in the physical well-being of seniors. And cleanliness helps boost their mental health, too.

  • Prevents skin disease and body odor

Skin issues tend to happen as often as you age, and keeping up with personal hygiene by taking regular baths can help prevent infections and diseases on your skin. Personal hygiene care also helps in removing body odor from daily physical activities.

  • It allows for a better quality of life. Since maintaining good hygiene is a part of life for all ages, it will help seniors exert control over their lives. Well-groomed and clean senior adults under elderly care can enjoy a better quality of life.

Let our home care agency in Southern, California help your senior loved ones cope with daily tasks and necessities. We at the American Quality Care For The Elderly will always be supportive and allow seniors to focus on their well-being. Reach out to us now!

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