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How Can Older People Deal with Spring Allergies?


After a long winter, spring brings fresh air with its increasing greenery and blossoms. Sadly, for some, pristine growth means the air is also full of pollen, causing allergies in young and old individuals. Try these four tips to reduce your spring allergy symptoms:

  • Avoid Pollen-Heavy Days
    After torrential rain, when pollen is glued to the ground by moisture, it is the best time for persons with spring allergies to go outside. You can keep your symptoms under control by staying indoors and limiting your exposure to pollen.
  • Wear Appropriate Clothing
    When you go outside, wear clothing that will help you keep the pollen at bay. Sunglasses are required to prevent pollen from entering and hurting your eyes. A hat, scarves, or bandana keeps irritants out of your hair, which could later end up in your eyes and nose.
  • Keep Pollen at Bay in Your Home
    Resist opening windows, even if it’s tempting on hot, dry days. If you become overheated, utilize fans or, preferably, your air conditioner, which can help clear pollen from your home. A caregiver in Southern, California can assist you with light housekeeping to keep your home pollen-free.
  • Consume Immune-Boosting Foods
    Foods that strengthen your immune system can help you manage seasonal allergy symptoms, but none have proven to be a reliable allergy treatment. Try some of these springtime meals and discover what works best for you: apples, strawberries, and fatty fish.

American Quality Care For The Elderly will assist you with spring allergies. We also offer elderly care, home safety monitoring, companion care, and in-home assessments for new families.

To learn more, make an appointment online or call our home care agency in Southern, California.

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