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Why Is Senior Companionship Important?


Seniors can frequently feel lonely and isolated, especially if they can no longer get out and participate in activities they used to like. That can be a challenging transition, but happily, companion services are available to assist elders in connecting with others and provide regular social interaction. Companionship services can help improve a senior’s overall health and well-being, and they can be especially beneficial for individuals who are lonely or depressed.

Some of the advantages of companion care for your elderly loved one include the following:

  • Better Mental Health
    According to a study by the University of California, Berkeley, seniors who engaged in frequent social engagement were less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.
  • Better Physical Health
    Research has indicated that lonely elders are more prone to suffer from poor physical health. A good companion or caregiver in Southern, California can help seniors keep active, which can improve their overall physical health.
  • Improved Cognitive Performance
    According to a study by the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, seniors who engaged in frequent social interaction reported less cognitive deterioration than those who did not. Hence, if you’re concerned about the rational health of an aging loved one, hiring a companion from a reputable home care agency in Southern, California may be a good option.
  • Improved Quality of Life
    According to a Carnegie Mellon University study, seniors who engaged in frequent social engagement were more likely to be satisfied with their lives.

American Quality Care For The Elderly is a licensed home care provider. Our professionals are committed to providing elders with exceptional, compassionate care while allowing them to maintain their freedom.

Contact us immediately if you’re looking for the best elderly care possible for your aging loved one.

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