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How to Help Seniors When They Lose Their Appetite


It can be a tough challenge to get your loved ones to eat whenever they have no appetite. Their loss of appetite can be caused by various factors. That is why it is important to determine what makes them lose their appetite whenever you assist them in their meal preparation.

However, if you feel like you’ve already done everything and yet your elderly parent’s appetite still hasn’t come back, then this might be the time for you to seek help who are experts in elderly care, like us.

Here are other things you can do to get your senior loved ones with no appetite to eat:

  • Get rid of the tastes or flavors they find strange and experiment with foods at different temperatures
  • Solve any discomfort they feel caused by the side effects of their medications
  • Make sure to make mealtime a pleasant experience for them
  • Give them choice and control and make the flavors stronger
  • Serve water between meals and limit fluid during meals

Here at American Quality Care For The Elderly, we are a trusted home care agency in Southern, California that offers high-quality home care services with the mission of caring and treating each client as if they were our own family.

Rest assured that with us, your loved one is in good hands. So if you need a highly skilled caregiver in Southern, California, call us today!

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