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Practical Ways to Prevent Loneliness Among Seniors


Social isolation and loneliness are common among older adults. Because of their old age and limited mobility, they may find it hard to go out of the house and participate in gatherings in which they can socially connect to other people. So if you notice any signs of isolation and loneliness in your loved ones, it is always best to tell their doctor or health professional right away or better yet seek assistance from a reliable caregiver in Southern, California so they can have a reliable companion anytime.

Companionship plays an important role in maintaining the mental health of an individual. That is why as much as possible make sure that your elderly loved one’s connection with their friends, family members, and the community will not be discontinued so they won’t be at risk of isolation.

Here are some practical ways to prevent loneliness among seniors:

  • Find an activity they can enjoy or help them restart an old hobby or find a new one
  • Set a schedule when they can keep in touch with their friends and family members
  • Consider adopting a pet for them and encourage them to stay physically active daily
  • Check out resources and programs at local social service agencies, senior centers, etc.
  • Teach them how to use communication technologies such as video chat and smart speakers

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